Reported Lyme cases jump 37% in 2007

lyme_cases-2007.jpg According to new CDC data, 27,444 new cases of Lyme disease were reported by state health departments in 2007, representing an alarming increase of 37% over the previous year’s tally. It’s important to note that the actual number of new Lyme cases in the U.S. could possibly exceed 300,000 due to inherent flaws in the Centers for Disease Control’s passive case reporting system. [1] [2] UNDER OUR SKIN is a powerful and often terrifying documentary that explains the science and politics of Lyme disease, following the personal stories of Lyme patients and their physicians from all across America. Viewers witness the rift between Lyme specialists who are vocal about this growing healthcare nightmare and the Lyme denialists, who are financially rewarded for under-treating the disease and threatening Lyme specialists who prescribe long-term antibiotics to these suffering patients. While exposing our broken healthcare and disease-reporting system, the film dramatically illustrates the financial burdens placed on individuals and our society when politics and fear trump science, crippling our ability to respond to emerging epidemics. Top Ten Lyme Disease States (2007) New York: 4,165 cases Pennsylvania: 3,994 cases (23% increase over 2006) New Jersey: 3,134 cases (29% increase over 2006) Connecticut: 3,058 cases (71% increase over 2006) Massachusetts: 2,988 cases (109% increase over 2006) Maryland: 2,579 cases (106% increase over 2006) Wisconsin: 1,814 cases (24% increase over 2006) Minnesota: 1,238 cases (35% increase over 2006) Virginia: 959 cases (169% increase over 2006) New Hampshire: 896 cases (45% increase over 2006) Other Large Increases in Lyme Disease (2006-2007) District of Columbia: 87% increase (116 cases) North Carolina: 71% increase (53 cases) South Carolina: 55% increase (31 cases) Delaware: 48% increase (715 reported cases) Maine: 57% increase (529 reported cases) [1] CDC MMWR Report 2004 53(17);365-369. “cases are “under-reported by 6- to 12-fold” [2] CDC Lyme Cases by State. 1993-2007