NY reviews are in: UOS "infectiously persuasive"

uos_ifc.jpg Three days after the theatrical release of UNDER OUR SKIN, enthusiastic reviews are accumulating. Stephen Holden, top film critic at the The New York Times called it "heart-rending" and an "inflammatory documentary [that] takes aim at the medical establishment." Here is a sampling of other reviews: "Head-spinning...riveting...a rigorously researched and highly thorough piece of investigative reporting." #NAME? "[A] dizzying and dramatic documentary...handsomely reported and photographed." -Andrew O'Hehir, Salon "Infectiously persuasive...targets both the heart and brain." #NAME? "A scary expose [and] damning indictment of the broken health care system." #NAME? "A powerful film and cautionary tale....as significant an indictment of American medical practices as Michael Moore’s SICKO. #NAME? "Compelling...makes a very convincing case [about] one of the greatest medical failures of all time." #NAME? "A vital, insightful, brave and moving documentary that will wake you up and shake you up." #NAME? While press coverage and positive reviews have been abundant, box-office returns have not fared as well. We need to take the film and the issue from Lyme Street to Main Street, and the best way to make this happen is to fill seats in theaters. Otherwise, the movie won't open in successive markets and have the opportunity to spread awareness beyond the Lyme community. Even if you've seen the film, we're calling on you to make it to the theater or buy advance tickets. Make your voice heard through the box-office! Tickets are still on sale in New York, and now on sale for Los Angeles, San Diego, Washington, Santa Cruz, and other cities.