Film Junkie reports: UNDER OUR SKIN is the perfect date movie

Randy Astle, also know as the “World’s Biggest Film Junkie,” bestowed UNDER OUR SKIN with the honorary title of “The Perfect Date Movie,” saying, “it was informative, touching, and even occasionally mushy enough for a good old-fashioned date.” We appreciate that Randy recognized our efforts to weave together dramatic and interesting stories about the plight of Lyme patients, in addition to educating viewers about the disease and its politics. “Under Our Skin touched on universal health care in passing but kept its focus more on individual stories: doctors getting their licenses revoked, patients finding relief through “unproven” methods … I also quite like it when a film has an agenda and fits within a greater social cause. …So I’m glad the Tribeca Film Festival saw fit to include this film in their lineup, and my wife saw fit to use our sole date night in a long while to come see it.” We might also suggest that on the way home from watching this perfect date movie, you play Brad Paisley’s country western song, “I’d Like to Check You for Ticks.” Who knows, you might get lucky… and not find any ticks.