Amy Tan talks about Lyme disease at Tribeca

Amy Tan tribeca_ishares.jpg As one of the “most provocative films” at Tribeca Film Festival, UNDER OUR SKIN was featured in a “Behind the Screens” panel discussion at the Director’s Guild Theater in Midtown Manhattan. At this sold-out event, Robert Bazell, Chief Health and Science Correspondent for NBC News, moderated a discussion with Andy Abrahams Wilson, the film’s director; Amy Tan, the best-selling author and former Lyme patient; and Dr. Richard Horowitz, a Lyme expert featured in our film. During the course of researching UNDER OUR SKIN, we discovered many celebrities with Lyme disease, but only Amy Tan had the courage to speak on camera about her struggles. In her book, “The Opposite of Fate,” she talks about her harrowing symptoms, her string of misdiagnoses, and her long road to recovery. In “Fate” she asks the question that most Lyme patients ask themselves along the way – Why did I get this horrible disease? Is it fate or a curse? What can I do to help others avoid this fate? In the case of Amy, her actions speak louder than words. Kudos to Amy for all that she’s done for Lyme research and the Lyme patient community. For more details on this event, read AM Peters’ excellent coverage on the Film Panel Notetaker Blog.