Lyme patients abandoned: Letters from "Under Our Skin"


We receive many letters from Lyme sufferers and occasionally we like to share them with the rest of the community. Frustrated by the impossibility of getting help, many reach out to their legislators, and some to the President of the United States. Here's one story that recently came our way and was particularly poignant:


August 18, 2009

Dear President Obama,

Lyme discoverer Willy Burgdorfer breaks silence on heated controversy

burgdorfer-2007-465-pixel.jpg On February 28, 2007, the UNDER OUR SKIN film crew interviewed Willy Burgdorfer, Ph.D., M.D., and Scientist Emeritus at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), for three hours at his home in Hamilton, Montana. Dr.

Discovery of new Lyme strains invalidates current tests

spirochete-nih-400.gif Benjamin Luft, M.D., Professor of Medicine at Stony Brook University Medical Center, discovered that four highly virulent mutations of Borrelia burgdorferi, the spirochete that causes Lyme disease, may account for the alarming increase in cas

Film producer interviewed by NPR San Francisco affiliate

npr_banner.png Last week I was interviewed by KQED Forum host Dave Iverson on the physiological effects of Lyme disease, and on the controversy surrounding its diagnosis and treatment.

Mandy & Andy’s excellent press tour

silverdocs_channel91.jpg Marc Silverstein Excuse me if I rave for a few moments about our new film publicist, Marc Silverstein of On the Marc Media. If you’re a “foodie,” you may know him as the host of “Make My Dinner” on Discovery Channel.

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