Andy Abrahams Wilson

Founder of Open Eye Pictures, Andy Abrahams Wilson is a multi-award winning, Emmy-nominated producer and director of creative non-fiction films. Andy received a BA in cultural anthropology from Northwestern University, and an MA in visual anthropology from the University of Southern California, where he also studied at the USC Film School. He is a published author of articles in books and journals on visual anthropology and performance studies. Past productions include the HBO special BUBBEH LEE & ME and HOPE IS THE THING WITH FEATHERS, broadcast on the Sundance Channel. A recipient of a Pew Charitable Trust Fellowship in Dance/Media, Wilson has produced several award-winning films on dance or dancers, including POSITIVE MOTION, EMBRACING EARTH, CASUALTY and RETURNING HOME, which was licensed by the CBC and given top honors at the Dance on Camera Film Festival. Wilson is a past Budget Director of the film distribution cooperative New Day Films and member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. He has received numerous foundation grants, including the California Council for the Humanities, the Nathan Cummings Foundation, the Laurance Rockefeller Foundation, the Columbia Foundation, and the Educational Foundation of America. He has been recognized by the Northern California Marin Arts Council as Outstanding Artist, and by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences with honors for Outstanding Documentary Achievement. In addition to making films, Wilson also teaches a yearly workshop on "Photography as a Spiritual Journey" at the world-renowned Esalen Institute.

Kris Newby Kris Newby
Senior Producer

Kris is an award-winning screenwriter and science writer, with engineering degrees from Stanford and the University of Utah. Kris combines a strong science and writing background with personal experience as a person with Lyme disease. Past film honors include first place in the Vanity Fair screenwriting competition and the top award in Group 101's screenwriting contest for THE HORSE TRADER. The film was produced by Brystan Studios and has been shown in film festivals across the country.

Eva Ilona Brzeski Eva Ilona Brzeski

A filmmaker as well as an editor, Eva was featured as one of Filmmaker Magazine's "25 new faces" in 1999 and is the recipient of numerous honors for her work, including screenings at Sundance and fellowships from the NEA and Mcdowell Colony. Eva is the writer/director/editor of the documentaries THIS UNFAMILIAR PLACE, 24 GIRLS, and the recent feature LAST SEEN. She also edited Ellen Bruno's SACRIFICE and David Jacobson's CRIMINAL. In addition to cutting her own films and working as a freelance editor, she worked for three years as a television editor for MTV's THE SIMPLE LIFE and REAL WORLD.

Justin Melland Justin Melland

Justin's ability to rapidly create rich, poignant music and his masterful command over a wide array of musical styles, has quickly placed him among today's most sought after film composers. After finishing his Master's Degree in music composition at UCLA and UC Berkeley, one of his first composing positions was to write an original score for THE DEATH OF KEVIN CARTER which was nominated for an Academy Award and is distributed by HBO. With over 30 feature and documentary film credits to his name, Justin has become known for his imaginatively eclectic scores. His style has an edgy, mysterious quality, and employs a fusion of modern rhythms, ethereal guitars, and an arsenal of orchestral and ambient electronic textures. Justin creates his music at his studio in Venice, CA.

Cheryl Drake Cheryl Drake

A visual artist and photographer, Cheryl received a bachelor's degree from Tufts University, where she studied cultural anthropology and photography. She has worked in documentary and commercial film production, including the Oscar-winning THE TIMES OF HARVEY MILK. She later earned a masters degree in occupational therapy and has worked in pediatrics, with pregnant teens, and in psychiatric facilities.

Eve Morgenstern

A filmmaker and photographer, Eve has worked as a producer and associate producer on several projects for PBS. She was consulting producer on RAIN IN A DRY LAND, for POV/PBS and on LAS VEGAS: AN UNCONVENTIONAL HISTORY for The American Experience/PBS. She also co-produced the Emmy Award-winning SEABISCUIT for American Experience/PBS. She has received grants from the New York State Council on the Arts and the Anthony Radziwill Documentary Fund for her own documentary film, CHESHIRE, OHIO: A QUESTION OF POWER. She recently completed her MFA at the San Francisco Art Institute.

Renny Mccauley Renny McCauley
Associate Producer/Assistant Editor

Renny serves in many capacities for Open Eye Pictures projects, including camera operator, sound engineer, editor and assistant editor. Originally from Texas, Renny is a graduate of Syracuse University’s Television/Radio/Film program. In 2006 he edited WASTED ORIENT, the award-winning documentary about the Chinese rock band, Joyside. His short films DRUGS and CHARLIE have screened at festivals across the country. Currently, he is pursuing an MFA in film production at San Francisco State University.

Regan Brashear Regan Brashear
Community Engagement Coordinator

Regan works as Associate Producer at Open Eye Pictures, as well as Community Engagement Coordinator for UNDER OUR SKIN. Originally from Virginia, Regan has been working on labor, disability, youth, LGBT, race and environmental issues for over 20 years now through community organizing, documentary film, and other creative endeavors. After completing a masters in Social Documentation in 2008 from UC Santa Cruz, she co-founded the Making Change Media Collective in Oakland, CA, also working with Frederick Marx on social media strategy and outreach for his latest film, JOURNEY FROM ZANSKAR. She is currently in post-production on FIXED, a new documentary about disability, eugenics, and emerging human enhancement technologies.